Welcome to the official web site of the Embassy of the Gabonese Republic in the United States!

A Brief History
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The Gabonese Republic is located along the Equator in central Africa between the Republic of Congo, Cameroon, and Equatorial Guinea. It also borders the Atlantic Ocean with 885 kilometers of coastline. The terrain comprises of coastal plain, hilly interior, and savanna in the east and south. The climate is always hot, humid and tropical.
Nurturing Motherhood
It is a symbolic representation of the Nation of Gabon and its people. The Mother represents the Country and its institutions which protect, nurture, and educate its citizens. The Infant represents the citizens of Gabon or the Gabonese people; whose obligations are to protect and love one another while respecting and adhering to all existing rules and regulations.
Our Flag
Our FlagGreen, Yellow, and Blue (horizontal stripes): Green symbolizes the equatorial forest, yellow represents the sun and the blue is characterized by Gabon’s 800 kilometers of coastline.