Gabon is a nation located on the West coast of Central Africa. Situated directly on the Equator, Gabon is bordered by the Republic of Congo, Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea and over 885 kilometers of Atlantic coastline.

  • Libreville

    Libreville is the largest city in Gabon with an estimated population of about 700,000 people.
  • Port-Gentil

    Port-Gentil is the second largest city with a prominent seaport; it is an island that is surrounded by swamps and ocean but it is notably known for being the nation’s oil capital.
  • Franceville

    The third largest city and the birthplace of the late, former President Omar Bongo-Ondimba is Franceville; it is also the head of the Trans-Gabonese Railway. A popular vacation spot is Mouila; it is famously known for its Lac Bleu, a lake known for its bright, beautiful blue water.

Estimated at 2 million people, including roughly 700,000 people in Libreville. The rest of the country is relatively rural with low population density.



Independence Day

17 August 1960


CFA Franc


267,667 sq km (similar in size to Colorado)

Time zone

GMT +1

Country dialing Code


National Anthem

La Concorde by Georges Aleka Damas

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  • The Gabonese Republic


The Gabonese Republic’s per capita income is almost four times higher than that of other African nations and as of 2013, Gabon’s estimated GDP is $30.06 billion. 


Gabon continues to diversify its economy through increased government investment in human resources and infrastructure as well as a huge emphasis on green technology.